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Five Core Principles Core Principle #2: Leadership Team

Finding and Supporting Volunteers (Part I) (Printer Friendly)

St. Clair

Barry St. Clair tells the importance of developing volunteers, the types we need in our ministries, how to find them and how to prevent abuse by volunteers.

Finding and Supporting Volunteers (Part II) (Printer Friendly)

St. Clair

In "Part II" of this article, Barry St. Clair lays out qualifications for youth workers, gives a strategy to train them, and discusses additional issues we face in working with volunteers.

The Leadership Crunch (Printer Friendly)

St. Clair

The impact of developing leaders and how to help them build their lives and ministries on the foundation of Jesus.

Confident in Christ (Printer Friendly)

St. Clair

Make sure that your leaders have assurance of their relationship with Christ.

Empowering Your Volunteers (Printer Friendly)


Jana L. Sundene encourages us to minister to our volunteers in order to bring out the best in them.