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Five Core Principles Core Principle #4: Penetrating the Student Culture

Penetrating Student Culture (Printer Friendly)

St. Clair

Jesus didn't sit at the synagogue all week waiting for people to come to Him. He went out to the people. He attended wedding parties and visited tax collectors. How can we follow our Master's example by entering the student world? Barry St. Clair tells you how.

Penetrating Student Culture (Part 2) (Printer Friendly)

St. Clair

In the second part of this series, Barry St. Clair continues to tell us practically how to develop relationships with students and touch their lives where they live.

The Keys to Cultural Relevance (Printer Friendly)


If you reach unchurched students where they are but don't have a culturally sensitive ministry to assimilate them into, you'll never keep them. Here's how ministries are reaching and keeping unchurched teens in post-Christian England.

The Case For Post-Christian Youth Ministry (Printer Friendly)


What we can learn from youth churches that are reaching British teens.

Leading a Student to Christ (Printer Friendly)

St. Clair

How can we turn conversations to Jesus and explain to a student clearly how to become a Christian?

Growing a New Believer (Printer Friendly)

St. Clair

How can we follow-up on new believers?

Teaching Kids to Defend Their Faith (Printer Friendly)


A 15-year-old student tells how he shares and defends his faith with fellow students who often look down on Christianity. A great article to copy for your leadership kids to discuss.

Rooting for Spiritual Underdogs (Printer Friendly)


Does your heart bleed for those kids who don't fit into the rest of the youth group, or those subcultures at school that nobody seems to reach? You'll identify with this article!