"For Those Who Are Passionate About Reaching The Younger Generation"

Five Core Principles Core Principle #5: Outreach Events

Look Right Here: Focusing on Fruit (Printer Friendly)

St. Clair

Barry St. Clair tells how to design events with a purpose that result in spiritual fruit.(Part one of three chapters taken from the book, The Magnet Effect.)

Deliver the Knock-Out Punch, Part 1 (Printer Friendly)

St. Clair

So you want to plan an evangelistic event. How do you do it? In this two-part article, Dr. Barry St. Clair shows you how.

Deliver the Knock-Out Punch, Part 2 (Printer Friendly)

St. Clair

This second half of the article on evangelistic meetings includes the nuts and bolts of planning the music, message, follow-up and counseling. Includes suggested resources in each area.