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Youth Ministry Topics Preventing School Violence

Why Teenagers Turn to Violence (Printer Friendly)


This insightful article by a respected Christian Psychologist discusses the causes and cures of violence among teens.

Taming Your Anger (Printer Friendly)


When students can't manage their anger, violence can become a way of channeling that anger. This article gives biblical ways to tame anger.

Preventing School Violence (Printer Friendly)


This lesson plan/article shows that the characteristics in students' lives that put them at risk for school violence were addressed by the Bible thousands of years ago. We can have a part in preventing school violence by promoting Christian character and helping youth model it for their peers.

Forgiveness: The Power That Heals (Printer Friendly)


If students could learn to forgive others from the heart, they would not resort to violence to even up the score. Innes' article presents a much-needed exhortation to forgive. Youth workers could use this article as a basis for a message to their students on the topic.