"For Those Who Are Passionate About Reaching The Younger Generation"

Youth Ministry Topics Understanding Generations X and Y

What Do Students Look for in a Church? (Printer Friendly)


Group Magazine recently published the results of a survey of over 10,000 youth who were asked, "If you were choosing a church, how important would the following things be?" The results are thought provoking.

Teenagers Embrace Religion But Are Not Excited About Christianity (Printer Friendly)


Demographics can help us understand the youth we are seeking to reach and disciple. George Barna helps us to understand some of the spiritual motivations of y2k students.

Your Teen's Changing World (Printer Friendly)


How have American teens changed from the 50's to the present? What forces and trends currently affect them? Since American media is so globally pervasive, even those in other cultures would profit from this well-researched chapter.

Your Teen's Changing World (Part 2) (Printer Friendly)


So today's youth are in trouble. In part 2, Walt Mueller answers the question, "What practically can we do to come alongside students and help them navigate these dangerous cultural waters? Although Mueller writes specifically to parents in this section, some of you can substitute "youth pastor" for "parent" and get plenty of practical help.

A Surprising Second Look at Those Teen Sex Statistics (Printer Friendly)


The media tends to quote teens sex stats in their most dramatic form. This is good for getting readers, but counter productive when presented to youth who already feel pressured into early sex because "everybody's doing it." But according to the latest stats, most teens are virgins. And especially among younger teens, those who have had voluntary sex are in the vast minority. This article presents solid facts to help you combat the peer pressure that lures many of your teens into early sex.

Teen Sex and Pregnancy (Printer Friendly)


The most current (as of Fall, 2001) statistics on teen pregnancy by the Alan Guttmacher Institute.

Working With Adolescents in the Context of Pluralism (Printer Friendly)


The National Director of the Youth Ministries of Campus Crusade for Christ in Spain helps us understand the impact of Pluralism and its implications for youth ministry.