"For Those Who Are Passionate About Reaching The Younger Generation"

Youth Ministry Topics Recruiting Adult Leaders

Publicity (Printer Friendly)


People want to volunteer in a ministry where God is working. Good publicity lets the congregation know what God is doing in the youth ministry.

Interviewing and Placing Teachers (Printer Friendly)


It's tempting to accept any warm body that volunteers for that hard-to-fill position. But it's critical that we put only qualified leaders over our students. Here's how.

Critique of Personal Assessment Tools (Printer Friendly)


Several tools for evaluating leaders' gifts and abilities are described and evaluated.

Evaluation (Printer Friendly)


For ongoing development of your small group leaders, evaluation is invaluable. Here's how.

Teaching Team Evaluation Form (Printer Friendly)


Adapt this form to fit your small group goals and style and use it to evaluate the effectiveness of your teachers and help them sharpen their gifts.

To Fire a Volunteer (Printer Friendly)


A volunteer is ineffective and either won't or can't learn new skills. The youth under her are turning off spiritually. What can you do?

Recruitment as Shepherding (Printer Friendly)


Recruitment can become coercing people into helping you succeed in your ministry. Instead, let it become shepherding.

Job Description #1 - Five Hours a Week (Printer Friendly)


A job description for small group leaders which asks for 5 hours of shepherding, preparation, etc. per week.