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11 Universal Standards of Short-Term Missions

Seth Barnes

1. Short-term missionaries must be screened to match their mission.

2. Sending church teams must undergo thorough and mission-appropriate preparation.

3. Sending church and host church teams must be educated concerning the dynamics of true partnership.

4. Setup must be thorough and expectations clarified.

5. Sending church leadership must be trained and experienced.

6. Evangelism planning should incorporate a thorough follow-up plan which has been formulated in conjunction with host church partners.

7. New disciples are integrated into the local church.

8. Sending church teams have a plan for cementing life change.

9. Church partnerships should be brokered by a third party and should usually last no longer than three years lest dependency set in.

10. Appropriate safety precautions are taken.

11. Short-term missions usually should be based upon a partnership between host churches and sending churches.



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Seth Barnes does short-term mission trips through Adventures in Missions. Find out more about this fine organization at http://www.aimtrips.org/.


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