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Introduction to Short-Term Missions

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Steve Miller

Introduction to Short Term Missions

Simply hopping on a plane and flying to another country doesn't make a successful mission trip. Without prayer, foresight, preparation, and wisdom gleaned from others, a trip can be a disaster.

Besides the articles on our site, look to these sites for helpful articles on how to pull off a successful short-term mission trip. I see no reason to put up lots of articles on this topic if they can be easily found elsewhere. Let me know of other good collections of articles you find.

  • Missions Mobilizer

Go to http://home.snu.edu/~hculbert.fs/short.htm to find a nice collection of practical articles on short-term missions. Written or collected by a missions professor, they should set you way ahead in planning your trips. You'll probably want to assign some of these articles for your participants to read as a part of their training.

  • Short Term Missions

Go to http://www.shorttermmissions.com/ to find a short term mission organization to suit your goals and needs. Also contains some helpful articles. 

  • You on Mission

Go to http://www.thetask.org/students/Approved/details.htm and start clicking through the left menu to find practical articles used by the Southern Baptist Convention for college students who are going on short-term trips. Everything from Inoculations to Reentry.