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How About Your Own Family? (Printer Friendly)


Some leaders develop successful ministries at the expense of their families. But it's not worth the cost. If you're too busy for your family, you're just too busy. Veteran youth ministry trainer Jim Burns gives some practical advice.

Leading With Power and Love (Printer Friendly)


Danny Jones, pioneer of Reach Out's youth ministry training in Slovakia, counters our tendency to get on a power trip when we become recognized as a leader.

Avoiding Burnout (Printer Friendly)


Our pioneering youth ministry trainer in Slovakia tells what to do when you start feeling overwhelmed with your life and ministry. Learn how to minister effectively for the long haul.

Managing Yourself (Part 1) (Printer Friendly)


Students need more than efficient managers and exciting teachers. They need godly leaders. Mark Tittley points the way.

Managing Yourself (Part 2) (Printer Friendly)


In this second part, Mark Tittley deals with developing personal vision and gaining self-understanding.

Lessons From a Passionate Life (Printer Friendly)


Dr. Dann Spader, director of Sonlife Ministries, places before us pictures of passionate lives and challenges us to emulate them.

Leading Out of Brokenness (Printer Friendly)


This successful youth minister has learned to lead with a limp.

Seven Ways to Deal With Criticism (Printer Friendly)


You can't stop criticism, but you can control how you deal with it. Here's help...

The Last Temptation of Your Career (Printer Friendly)


Falling for temptation or accusations of sin destroy many effective youth ministers. Ensure that your ministry doesn't crash and burn.

How To Thrive Long Term (Printer Friendly)

Dave Keehn

The secrets gleened from a two year study of over 500 associate staffers who are thriving in ministry.