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Youth Ministry Topics Teaching Students

Personal Preparation to Speak: Part 1 (Printer Friendly)


Master communicator Ken Davis exhorts us about the importance of our message, challenges us to know our audience and helps us to see the method that works.

Personal Preparation to Speak: Part II (Printer Friendly)


Ken gives four musts for effective communication, including practicing what we preach, being ourselves, a commitment to glorifying God, and a commitment to excellence.

Planning Effective Talks (Printer Friendly)

St. Clair

In the context of his book on planning evangelistic events (The Magnet Effect), popular speaker Barry St. Clair lays out a strategy for planning and delivering powerful messages at youth events. Much of this also applies to speaking to youth in any given situation. (This article is also located in a portion of "Deliver the Knock-Out Punch, Part 2" under "Outreach Events.")

Long-Range Teaching Plan (Printer Friendly)


You probably have about a seven year window of opportunity to teach your students. What will you teach them during those years? This plan shows you how one youth minister thinks past next week's lesson to get the big picture.

Growth Zones (Printer Friendly)


This plan gives you a way to organize your teaching and training by dividing everything you want to instill in your students into seven Growth Zones. A great strategy to help you develop a long-range plan and make everything you do have a purpose.

Available Lessons Listed By Topic (Printer Friendly)


This lists all of Reach Out's online lessons by topic, rather than by the series that contains them. A helpful way to find a lesson you need on a specific topic.

Online Message Preparation For Youth Workers (Printer Friendly)


Learn how to prepare your bible studies online, free of charge. You can find verses, study a topic, consult commentaries online, etc. Then, dress up your message with great crowdbreakers, illustrations, etc.

Teaching the Word in Different Cultures (Printer Friendly)


To help get you out of your box in how to plant the Word of God in the lives of your students, Dave Livermore shares some principles of teaching the Word, followed by examples of diverse bible teaching ministries in Australia, Chicago, Gabon, Indonesia, Northern Ireland and Singapore.