"For Those Who Are Passionate About Reaching The Younger Generation"

Youth Ministry Topics Developing Student Praise and Worship

How to Lead Students in Worship (Printer Friendly)


Paul has led small and large youth groups in worship in every imaginable setting for over two decades. In this first part, he introduces himself, presents an overriding principle of leading students, than launches into the first three biblical principles.

How to Lead Students in Worship 2 (Printer Friendly)


In this second part, Paul presents principles 4 and 5 and comments on the "exterior stuff" of worship.

How to Lead Students in Worship 3 (Printer Friendly)


In this third part, Paul defines "worship" and deals with practical considerations such as goals, technical considerations and developing the band.

Training Students to Lead in Worship 1 (Printer Friendly)


In this first part, Paul defines worship and gives three quotes that he uses to help student worship leaders understand worship.

Training Students to Lead in Worship 2 (Printer Friendly)


Paul directs student worship leaders to understand the proper object of their worship and to understand holiness.

Training Students to Lead in Worship 3 (Printer Friendly)


Paul directs us to train our student leaders to make sure their hearts are in tune,learn to enter God's presence, respond to His leading, pray and live the life.

How to Build a Healthy Worship Team (Printer Friendly)


Troy first lays out the 6-step process that he uses to build a worship team in his church's youth ministry. Next, he gives principles of leading that team.

Spirit Led Worship (Printer Friendly)


It's so easy for worship leaders to rely totally on techniques and skills to generate an exciting atmosphere. So where does the Holy Spirit fit into it all? Joel brings us back to dependence upon Him in order to see true worship break out among God's people.

Student Worship Survey (Printer Friendly)


Often the songs and styles we THINK are most effective in leading our students into worship are not the songs and styles that are ACTUALLY most effective. This is a survey you could personalize for your ministry and use to tweek your worship.

The Worship Explosion (Printer Friendly)


Follow a minister of youth as he develops praise and worship.

Application for Youth Worship Team (NorthStar) (Printer Friendly)

Star Church

North Star Church has the best youth-led worship team I've ever heard. Here is their application they currently use.

Worship in Different Cultures (Printer Friendly)


Cookie-cutter formulas don't work in applying worship to every ministry setting. Dave Livermore gets us out of the box by exploring worship as it looks in ministries in Australia, England, India, Kenya, Malaysia, Seattle, and South Africa.

Adding Creative Elements to Worship (Part 1) (Printer Friendly)


Let's talk specifically and practically about techniques that enhance or distract from worship. From lighting to facial expressions to room set up, this article covers over 70 issues. Part one introduces the article and tells how to apply these in your unique setting.

Adding Creative Elements (Part 2) (Printer Friendly)


Sixteen practical ideas for ensuring authenticity and enhancing your setting.

Adding Creative Elements (Part 3) (Printer Friendly)


Twelve ideas on clear communication, creativity and getting students involved.

Adding Creative Elements (Part 4) (Printer Friendly)


Eighteen practical ideas on finding the optimum style(s), varying the intensity, knowing your group and controling distractions.

Adding Creative Elements (Part 5) (Printer Friendly)


Thirty three ideas on leading with excellence, dressing appropriately, musical technique, spiritual aspects, obtaining flow, introducing new songs, selecting songs and growing in wisdom.

Worshiping Our Audience of One (Part 1) (Printer Friendly)


Cynthia Cullen consistently creates outstanding worship experiences each weak at NorthStar Church, designed for people in their late 20's. Anyone serious about creating and shepherding a worship team has a lot to learn from Cynthia, who's worked with the church from when it was a church plant five years ago till today when it averages over 2000 each weekend. Part One deals with the team approach, creating an environment, constantly changing, and prayer.

Worshiping Our Audience of One (Part 2) (Printer Friendly)


Cynthia tells how she's learned to focus on people more than perfection, structure her teams and work with vocalists.

Worshiping Our Audience of One (Part 3) (Printer Friendly)


Working with the band, weekly rehearsals, the technical team and drama team.

Worshiping Our Audience of One (Part 4) (Printer Friendly)


How Cynthia makes decisions concerning style.

Worshiping Our Audience of One (Part 5) (Printer Friendly)


Cynthia tells some of her favorite resources and gives advice for churches wanting to implement changes in their worship.

Cynthia Cullen Interview (Part 1) (Printer Friendly)


In this question and answer session, Cynthia discusses how to get permission to use copyrighted songs and videos, using popular tunes, and her personal background and training.

Cynthia Cullen Interview (Part 2) (Printer Friendly)


Cynthia distinguishes traditional piano lessons, playing by chords and playing by ear. She tells how to develop these abilities, and reflects on the origin of her passion for developing worship.

Cynthia Cullen Interview (Part 3) (Printer Friendly)


Growing in wisdom, Cynthia's passion, the spiritual dimension.

Cynthia Cullen Interview (Part 4) (Printer Friendly)


Dealing with team members who aren't working out, directions for the future.

Professional Report on Music (Part 1) (Printer Friendly)


This report takes input from youth workers around the globe to gleen insights on what's working and what's not in using music with youth. Part one motivates us with the power of music and challenges us to use styles that fit our God-given purposes.

Professional Report on Music (Part 3) (Printer Friendly)


How to choosing and tweek your optimum style, suggestions from worship leaders on developing your praise and worship.