"For Those Who Are Passionate About Reaching The Younger Generation"

Youth Ministry Topics Developing Student Praise and Worship

Application for Youth Worship Team (NorthStar)

North Star Church

Student Praise Team





NorthStar Church

P.O. Box 2349

Kennesaw, GA 30144


Thank you for taking time to share with us about you. We want you to know that the following information will be confidential.



General Information

name: _____________________ today?s date: ____________________

address: ______________________________________________________________

date of birth: ________________ phone: ____________________

email address - ___________________________

Do you have a job? __________ With whom? ________________

School ________________________________ Grade __________ T-shirt size ____________

What are you involved in at your school and/or the community? (sports, clubs, choirs, committees, etc.)



What are your time commitments? __________________________________________________


Personal and Spiritual History

Write a brief testimony about how you became a Christian (include date).







Describe one major way in which you have grown in your spiritual journey since you became a Christian.



How would you describe your spiritual journey now?



If one of your friends asked you how they could know God personally, what would you say to them?











Why do you want to be a part of the Student Ministry Praise Team?








What do you do when you have a conflict with someone? Would you consider yourself "good" at handling confrontation? How do you handle confrontation?








Musical Background

Please give a brief history of your musical experience: (How long have you been

playing/singing? Have you taken lessons? Have you been part of a band/choir before? What

is your favorite band/artist? Etc.)






Lifestyle Concerns

What is your view on drinking alcohol?







How would you respond if you were with some of your friends and someone in the group

wanted to go to a party where alcohol was being served?










How long have you attended NorthStar Church? _____ Are you a member? q yes q no

Describe any other ministry/church experience with which you have been involved.





What spiritual gifts do you feel you have, and how would you like to use them in this










Note: Your Weekly commitment consist of:

  • Practice every Thursday night at the Compass Centre-6:30pm-9:00pm

  • Sound check begins every Sunday afternoon at 4:00pm at the Compass Centre. Student

  • Worship is 6:00pm-7:45pm. You are required to be in a talkback group on Sunday nights.

I hereby commit myself to serve on the NorthStar Church Student Praise Team from September 2001 through August 2002.

This commitment is made between the Lord and myself and should be made in all seriousness and with full consideration of its responsibility and consequences.

By applying for the Student Ministry Praise Team, I understand my conduct should reflect my commitment to Christ at all times, and I am willing to be held accountable for my actions.

Student Ministry Team Participant

__________________________________________ Date _____________________


As a Parent I recognize the commitment my son/daughter is making and I will support the commitment and hold my son/daughter accountable for their involvement in this ministry.

Parent/Guardian of Participant

__________________________________________ Date ______________________