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Youth Ministry Topics Developing Student Praise and Worship

Student Worship Survey

Steve Miller

Youth Worship Survey

As the youth worship team, our goal is to create an atmosphere where you can connect with God each week through worshiping Him in song. To make the worship better, we need your honest input. For example, some students probably hate some of our songs that others love. The only way we can know which songs and styles and methods work best with the most people is to get your totally honest input. Be nice, but don’t be afraid of hurting our feelings. We can take it! If you need more space, please write on the back. Thanks for your help and PLEASE DON’T SIGN YOUR NAME!

How long have you been coming to our youth group? ________

How old are you?______

Circle One: Male Female

Favorite radio station(s)_______________________

Favorite styles of music__________________________

Styles you dislike___________________________

What I like best about our worship is_________________


I think it could be improved by ______________________


I really like these worship songs that we do in our youth meeting (give titles or first lines)_________________________________


I have a hard time getting into these worship songs that we sing __________


I think that we should use more (circle one) a) heavy songs (harder) b) lighter songs (softer) c) we’ve already got a good, even mix.

If you were to bring some of your friends to City Church, what do you think they would

like or dislike about the worship? ______________________


What styles would you like to see used in worship (circle all you would prefer) - a) country b) rap c) soft rock d) medium rock e) hard rock f) metal core g) emo (ex: Weezer) h) punk (ex: Blink 182,MXPX I) ska (Mighty, Mighty Bosstones, Supertones) j) pop k) techno l) alternative (ex: Linkin Park, Newsboys) m) other ________________

Thanks for your input! You’re having a significant part of making our youth group more effective in worshiping God and changing lives!


The Worship Team