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Youth Bible Studies

"Don't just give talks. Leave a legacy."

They need more than trite formulas in canned presentations.

The Challenge of Diversity

Decades ago in my high school, most students were jocks, preppies and wannabes. Share an illustration of Michael Jordan or a popular rock band and they'd listen. Today in my living room will sit one student who loves Swedish death metal, a second hip-hop and a third Ukrainian-born keyboardist Vitalij Kuprij. (Billboard currently charts 20 music styles.) Some wear exclusively Abercrombie; others shop Hot Topic or defy fads by raiding thrift stores. Some live for sports; others detest sports. How can we impact such diverse students?

The apostle Paul adapted his methods to his audience. He said,

"I have become all things to all men, that I may by all means save some."

Our Legacy resources give you the ability to communicate the unchanging Word of God to changing cultures. Download a relevant, in depth lesson from over 1200 pages of youth bible studies. Tailor it to your group by substituting activities, clips and illustrations from our database of over 3500 resources.

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"I recently subscribed to the Legacy Lesson Plans and wanted to let you know how much my wife and I appreciate the quality of the content and how well our youth Sunday School classes have received it. Finally, after countless hours of searching for real, substantive and relevant lessons we found you guys."

Colin & Linda McAllister
Youth Sunday School Leaders
Schweitzer United Methodist Church
Springfield, MO

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What Are They Like?

We're now offering three lines of lessons. Click on each to view a sample. "Legacy Lessons" are more content/discussion oriented and are described by the bullets below. "Action-Packed Lessons" have more activities and tend to be more popular for younger teens. "Legacy Devotions" are short devos that can be used in several settings: as an e-mail to students to reinforce your messages, in brief teaching opportunities, for parents to use with children, at a retreat for a booklet of personal devotions. Here are some distinctives:

  • EASY TO USE: Itís all laid out exactly as you could teach it, including illustrations, activities, a student handout, and an overhead sheet. If you choose to download as a Word File, you can easily cut what you donít like, add your personal ideas and make the lesson your own.

  • QUALITY CONTENT: You canít teach your students a biblical approach to "Handling Temptation" in one hot talk. We provide a series of lessons with lots of counsel from Godís Word. You can teach it over consecutive weeks, or spread it out over time.

  • INSPIRING AND CHALLENGING: Sometimes we sin against our committed youth by exclusively appealing to the lukewarm. We give you illustrations that both challenge the apathetic and motivate the committed.

  • MEANINGFUL ACTIVITIES: Our "no mobiles" commitment guarantees that there will be no flaky, outdated activities that embarrass youth. Our discussions, skits and activities appeal to youth and reinforce the message.

  • COMMITMENT TO BUILDING MASTER TEACHERS: Beyond teaching better bible studies, we want you to become better teachers! Each lesson gives ideas on better preparation or delivery: how to interpret and apply the Bible, how to find and use illustrations, how to find relevant verses, how to write a winning introduction, etc.

  • INTERPRETIVE HELPS FOR DIFFICULT PASSAGES: When needed, we give you the counsel of respected commentaries and word study tools.

  • ADAPTABILITY: While designed for that time when youth leaders address the entire youth group, others use the curriculum in Sunday School or home devotions.

  • INTERACTIVE: Weíre learning from you guys! E-mail us your ideas and suggestions of how you taught the lesson and we'll develop an ideas section for each youth bible study entitled: "How I Taught It."

  • AFFORDABILITY: Believe us, you can afford it! And we give you a two days free of charge to make sure you like what we've got.

What ministry leaders say...

"The 'Legacy Curriculum' provides solid truth, made attractive to youth by great illustrations and discussion starters that get them talking. It's relevant, practical to their lives, and user-friendly for busy volunteer youth workers like myself."

(Mike Touchstone, volunteer youth worker)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"It's Scripturally sound and thorough, with very good illustrations. And I love the transparency sheets. As a church staff with additional responsibilities besides youth, I don't have the time I need to develop lessons of this quality. But I can take the 'Legacy Curriculum' and pretty much use it as it is. My teenage daughter tells me she wants teaching that's straightforward and to the point. This curriculum is exactly what she would have ordered."

(Mike Robinson, minister of youth)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"I just want to express to you thanks for the materials you are writing. On Friday I talked to a lady that is influencing a lot of young people in Bratislava and in Slovakia and she (without me asking) told me how great and helpful she finds the packet topics. There are many people like her. We very much appreciate your work. I myself am always touched (and if obedient always changed) when I read the materials from you. Thank you very much."

(Sam Lacho, Slovak National Network of Youth Workers, Bratislava, Slovak Republic)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"My need for this curriculum is basically a time issue. With staff meetings and a multitude of responsibilities, I often don't have the time to thoroughly research a new topic. But as I develop my messages, I can draw from the Legacy Curriculum as a complete resource that I've learned to depend on for its focus on the Bible and its theological integrity."

(Paul Horton, Minister to Students)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"From the teacher's perspective, it's very easy to use. But let me comment from the student's perspective. As I taught the "Temptation" series, I could see lights coming on in their heads. When I first handed out the student sheets, they paid little attention to them. But during the second session, they began taking notes and asking for pencils. I think they responded because they were hungry, and this series provided plenty of meat."

(Tony Martin, Reach Out Youth Solutions)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"It's one thing to explain a passage of Scripture to students. It's quite another to be able to practically apply it to their lives. These lessons put the Scriptures into the context of youth's every day lives, hitting them right where they live. I love the analogies, and real life stories. Even the uncommitted among my youth tell me by their attentiveness, "This is for me."

(Stoney Bowles, Minister of Youth)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"These lesson plans will facilitate getting your students into the "real meat" of the Scripture. The content, illustrations, and application are excellent. I highly recommend this material to youth workers who are interested in taking students to a deeper walk with Christ."

(Jeff Hodges, Minister to Students)

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Guidelines for Copying and Distributing

The Legacy Youth Speakerís Curriculum is copyrighted material. We welcome and encourage countries to translate lessons and send them out in newsletter form to their countryís youth workers. This was the original design of these materials, and we have been encouraged by the response. But please do not translate or distribute without the permission of Steve Miller. We want to know how and where the materials are being used. This both guards the integrity of the materials and avoids duplication of efforts. Copyright information should remain on all copies or translations. If you are distributing the materials, please do not make changes without Steveís permission. Although we encourage adaptations necessary for cross-cultural distribution, we are want to guard against Reach Outís name becoming attached to something of a different theological slant than it was originally intended.

Available Translations

Many Legacy Youth Bible Studies are currently being distributed in Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Latin America, the Czech Republic and probably a few other places I've forgotten. To contact people concerning the above translations, or to pursue more translations, e-mail Steve Miller at jstevemiller@gmail.com .

Our Bible studies translated into Slovak can be accessed, free of charge, here: