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Christian Music


Send your aspiring guitarists (electric or acoustic) immediately to this site! Learn everything from how to play power chords to more complex theory and to how to deal with stage fright. Simple language, enhanced with audio, free.

CCM Magazine

Get the latest of who's who what's happening in Christian music.

Cross Rhythms

This England based organization puts out a monthly magazine that has scads of articles, scores of music reviews, and throws in a free CD collection of new Christian songs.


They link the resources of the Christian music industry wit the needs of local ministries. Join the over 6000 members of "Youth Leaders Only" by paying a yearly membership charge to receive the latest and best Christian music for less than $3.00 per cassette or $6.00 per CD. You also get a quarterly resource book with crowdbreakers, praise and worship ideas, Bible studies based on specific, songs, videos, and more. A great way to build a Christian music library for your group.

Jars of Guitar Tabs

A great place to find thousands of guitar tabs to Christian songs. Also brass, bass, etc.

Song Search

So you know a Christian song you want to use in your meeting next week, but you remember only one word of the title and have no clue who performs it. How can you find it? Go to Christian Book Distributors' Song Search, type in the word you know and zing...there it is! Great tool!

Guitar Notes

For guitar chords of many Christian artists, click "Christian" for type of music and scroll down to click on the artist of your choice.

Al Menconi Ministries

Evaluates today's entertainmentent from a biblical perspective. Educates Christians about the values and influences of today's entertainment. Encourages Christians to make choices and set standards consistent with God's Word. Equips Christian parents and teachers to teach values through Christian music.

Christian Music Chart

Group gives examples of several styles of Contemporary Christian music.

Audible Faith

A place to get your original music listened to and available for others. Some creative stuff here.

Acoustic Groove

These folks offer a CD quarterly with chords, hints for your worship band, seminars, etc.

Resources for Great Commission-Minded Musicians, Artists, Media Personnel

Annotated links to books, articles and other resources for those who do Christian music in different cultures.

Guitar Chord Charts

Unique collection of 38,000 guitar chords. Each chord includes a listing of different fingerings.

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