"For Those Who Are Passionate About Reaching The Younger Generation"

Christian Youth Ministry Organizations

Answers to Tough Questions Students Ask

Issues That Make Christians Squirm

An Australia-based site that answers questions that today's skeptics use to challenge Christians. Issues range from "Is there a God?" to "Are Christians bigoted?"

Reasons to Believe

An organization founded by Astronomist Hugh Ross to answer skeptics and encourage believers. Not geared specifically to youth, but good for serious students with scientific questions. Site includes a children's area. Concentrates on showing the harmony of science and Scripture.

Apologetics Index

This extensive site includes a database and glossary of information on Christian evidences and cults. Especially note its answers to supposed bible contradictions. Suggests related books and links.

Josh McDowell Ministry

Josh is the most popular defender of the Christian faith. He's probably spoken on more college campuses than any living person. Many of his books and videos target teenagers, including his Why Wait? resources on sexual abstinance and his Right From Wrong resources on biblical absolutes.

Dr. William Lane Craig

Although the bulk of Dr. Craig's books are beyond the grasp of most high school students, heady college students love him. Armed with double doctorates (University of Birmingham, England and University of Munich, Germany) he excells in historical evidence for the resurrection and philosophical evidence for the existence of God. A brilliant man who has a heart for God. The site contains some articles on various issues, his books and publications, and tapes of his many debates.

Ravi Zacharias International Ministries

Though not geared to teens, this is a great place for college students and adults to find not only Ravi's books and seminar information, but also a helpful general bibliography of Christian Evidences and many links to other Apologetic sites.

Creation Research Society

This organization of scientists have put out a quarterly, peer-reviewed journal for 37 years and have some articles archived on their site. They believe in a young earth and a worldwide catastrophic flood.

The American Scientific Affiliation

A fellowship of scientists who are also Christians. They tend to believe that God created over a long period of time rather than a literal six day creation. They purpose "to investigate any area relating Christian faith and science" and "to make known the results of such investigations for comment and criticism by the Christian community and by the scientific community."

The 24-Hour Counselor

Presented by Lifeway, this site provides advice to students on issues they face such as "I'm pregnant," "I'm depressed," etc. Presented in an interview format that makes it readable and interesting for students to read.

Christian Answers

Some great answers to frequently asked questions about Christianity.

Answering Islam

Good site that gives links to pages where Muslims defend Islam and articles where Christians respond.

Defend Your Faith

Geared to youth. Positions itself with a literal 6-day creation and young earth.

Delve Into Jesus

Delve Into Jesus is a website intended to show you that Christianity actually makes sense. You have every right to ask the tough questions and to get the facts before you decide about Jesus Christ, and Delve Into Jesus is the place to get answers to those questions.

Bible Study Helps



Bible Gateway

Search what the Bible says about various topics.

Bible Study Tools

Search the Bible with Nave's Topical Bible, Concordances, or the Treasury of Scripture Knowledge. Consult commentaries, lexicons, and Bible Dictionaries. Plus sermon helps.

Youth Ministry Tools

A listing of what youth ministers vote to be "the best of the web" in bible studies for youth. An invaluable site for by and for youth ministers.

Classic Bible Commentaries

Free, easy access to some great older commentaries, such as Matthew Henry, Jamieson-Faussett-Brown, Luther, and Lightfoot.

In Word

Bible studies, student devotionals, and bible study tips.

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