"For Those Who Are Passionate About Reaching The Younger Generation"

Denominational Youth Ministry Organizations

Research/Statistics on Youth

The Center for Parent/Youth Understanding

Walt Mueller (author of the award-winning book, Understanding Youth Culture) keeps parents and youthworkers abreast of the latest research and vital youth culture information via his newsletters and site (including valuable archives). He seeks to "build strong families by serving to bridge the cultural-generational gap between parents and teenagers." An incredible resource!

Search Institute

This organization is dedicated to "searching," primarily through empirical research, for important factors in young people's development and how organizations and systems that serve youth can be more effective in their roles. They do research that is designed, not to sit on a shelf, but to make a difference in the lives of young people.

The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy

A nonprofit, nonpartisan initiative supported almost entirely by private donations. To achieve its mission of preventing teen pregnancy, they support values and stimule actions that are consistent with a pregnancy-free adolescence. Click on their "Facts and Stats" button to go to their research.

Centers For Disease Control

This agency of the Department of Health and Human Services provides lots of studies and articles on youth. Great for finding the most widely quoted sources of information on Teen Sex, Drinking, Drugs, suicide, smokeless tobacco, etc. Click "Health Topics" in the left column, then hit "Adolescents and Teens." Or, click "Data and Statistics." Finally, you can click "Search" at the top of their home page. I typed in "youth" and found about 2000 documents (enough to keep me busy with all morning!).

Campus Life

Search the archives of Campus Life, a Christian magazine targeting teens.

Youth Culture Update

Facts and studies on youth culture updated monthly by Youth Specialties.

Barna Research Online

George Barna and company conduct continual research on cultural trands and the Christian church. A good bit of data is available on their site. Hit "Research Archives" at the top of the home page, then click on "teenagers."

Encyclopedia of Youth Studies

Provides a database of articles on adolescence and youth culture, searchable under c. 250 topics. Each topic contains book and article reviews, a list of resources, a suggested teaching outline, programs and case studies. Although created by Christians, its audience is broader than Christians. Thus, don't expect to find verses and Bible studies. Cost: $25.00 per year. Spearheaded by Dean Borgman, professor of youth ministry at Gordon-Conwell Seminary.

Acts International (Recovery)

Dick Innes has written more than 250 Encounter brochure/leaflet articles - 40 million of which have been distributed around the world. He is a pastoral counselor, speaker and teacher. He directs Acts International and puts many helpful articles up on this site that could be used in counseling youth. This section offers articles around the topic: recovery.

Acts International (Solutions)

This second page by Dick Innes offers articles around the topic of "solutions."

American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Contains reproducible fact sheets on many youth issues ranging from suicide to bed-wetting.

Psychology for Living

The Narramore Christian Foundation sponsors this site and is dedicated to preventing and solving people's problems. The site contains many helpful articles by such authorities as Dr. Bruce Narramore. A great resource for Christian mental health information.

American Psychological Association

Offers several free ways to search Psychological studies and literature. But the main attraction is a massive database of Psychological studies (over 1,000,000 entries), which you can pay to access for a fee.

Youth Ministry Tools

Youth ministers vote on the best sites on the web to find articles on how to do youth ministry. Invaluable site both by and for youth ministers.

Abstinence Clearinghouse

Find articles on abstinance, studies, a students' area, and more.

General Research


Simultaneously search encyclopedias, dictionaries, thesauri and books of quotations, plus a range of subject-specific titles. Great for checking facts, people, etc.

Christianity Today Archives

Search articles from past issues of "Christianity Today."

Electric Library

I pay about $5.00 per month (if paid for yearly rather than monthly) to be able to search topics in hundreds of mainstream magazines, newspapers, and even transcripts from television documentaries.

Encyclopedia Britannica Online

Access the entire Encyclopedia Britannica, plus links to relevant news articles and their judgment as to which sites offer the best material on each subject.


A good starting point for finding Christian sites or reading religious news.

Truth or Fiction

A place to find out if those stories circulating around the internet are true. What about that person who needs a liver transplant and desperately needs money? And that amazing story that seems too good to be true? Look for answers here.

Robert Niles

Great place to start when researching news, looking for general facts, or trying to understand and find statistics.

Urban Legends

Another good site for debunking e-fiction. Just remember, these sites may not always be accurate in their denials of truth. In the end, weigh the evidence yourself!


One more good site that looks into the accuracy of things that get sent through e-mail. Compare several of these sites on a topic to get a more rounded picture.


Great set of Christian links.

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