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Youth Missions Organizations

Movie Reviews and Media

Preview Family Movie and TV Preview

Reviews Movies and TV from a Christian perspective. Free mini-reviews. Pay for full reviews. Helpful listing of "Positive Picks" - movies the reviewers recommend.

Sites For Youth

Youth Walk Online

Student Devotional, select Christian CD reviews, message board.

Revival Generation

This is a completely student led movement, which tries to help other teens impact their school campuses with the awesome power of prayer. They accomplish this by assisting and equipping teens to establish weekly prayer groups on their school campuses. These teen prayer groups are rapidly spreading across America's 56,000 high schools and are bringing students together from many different, social, denominational, and ethnic backgrounds in the name of Jesus Christ through prayer.

i.e. (Ideas and Energy)

Sponsored by the Family Research Council, "i.e." encourages teens to consider how their beliefs should affect the way they view social questions. Look to i.e. for articles on political and social trends, as well as information on the cultural issues up for debate these days. The features help students see life beyond high school, introduce them to people in the news, and tell the real story behind the headlines. "i.e." informs and equips students to reason and act in their schools, neighborhoods, and world. Not dumbed down. Good for smart and savvy teens.

Christian College Guide by Campus Life

A helpful guide to Christian colleges that includes links to colleges. Also: articles on choosing a college, paying for college, and hints concerning life at college.


A well-done Christian site for youth produced by a Mennonite Brethren Church in British Columbia. Christian Youth oriented website, it is a resource rich website packed with interesting content. Includes testimonies, an online journal, games, and a presentation of the good news of Jesus.


A ministry of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, "Passageway" "exists to ignite fervor for Christ and to give hope and direction for walking the path of faith together." E-mail questions and get answers from mature Christians. Read interesting articles on pop culture. Discover how to know Christ personally. Post your thoughts and views and interact with others. Cool site!

Campus Life

By the people that produce the Christian magazine, Campus Life. Search past issues or share your thoughts on message boards.

Live the Life Online

A site for students maintained by Youth For Christ. Includes online student devotional, questions and answers, Hypernews forum where students can post questions, respond to questions, or comment on what God is doing in their lives or on their campus.

The Goal

A site aimed at serious athletes, with links to general sports news, etc., this site gives you information on an incredible number of athletes that have something to say about their faith. Search for them by a sport of your interest, including everything from baseball to snowmobiling, to find great athletes sharing their testimonies. Youthworkers can pull material out to make great illustrations for your talks.


Evangelistic site targeting youth, using flashy design and contemporary language. From the originators of the "God Speaks" campaign. Answers questions in first-person. Example title: "Searchin' for the Ultimate High? I'm Up Here--God".


Mark Marshall works with youth, speaks, writes, and manages this site where he shares his thoughts with youth in a language and humor they relate to.

Beyond Extreme

A good place for seekers to go, look around, get some good advice. The builders of this site bring God and the Bible into it in a way that's more palatable to teens because of the way it's presented.


Includes chat room, competitions, articles on relevant issues. Cool site for youth!

The Goal

The Goal, a Christian sports-related Web site, features LifeStories, testimonies of athletes in all sports--from aerobatics, baseball and cricket to soccer, volleyball and weightlifting. The comprehensive database is searchable by athlete or by country.

Sports Spectrum

Sports news from a Christian slant. Note the daily devotion based on Christians in sports. Good to recommend to your athletes.

Students Reaching Students

Great articles, with links to articles, on how students can reach other students for Christ, especially via chat rooms and Web sites.

Christ Miracle Youth

A site for youth to share prayer requests, etc. with each other.

Spiritual Teens

Whitney Doe, a Junior in high school, publishes this site as a place for teens to find "inspiration, encouragement, and virtual fellowship."

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