"For Those Who Are Passionate About Reaching The Younger Generation"

Praise and Worship


Group Magazine

Contains free games online in various categories.

Youth Ministry Tools

Youth ministers rate what they feel to be the best sites for finding free or cheap online games. An invaluable site both by and for youth ministers.

The Camp Rena Collection

Recommends books and resources for games and activities useful especially used in camp settings.

Game Secretary

Free site for games. Very searchable. Includes youth group games and party games.

Articles on Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry Institute

New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary offers free articles on various aspects of youth ministry.

Youth Ministry Journal

Archived articles from back issues of Youth Ministry Journal. Can access by topic.

Youth Ministry Tools

Youth workers recommend the best sites to find articles on how to do youth ministry. An invaluable site both for and by youth ministers.

Top Flight Leadership

Some good articles on developing student leadership.

Global Youth Initiative

Great articles on disciplemaking and multiplication among youth in various cultures.

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