"For Those Who Are Passionate About Reaching The Younger Generation"


E-Mails From Youth Workers, Pastors and Parents About Our Resources

blessing to our ministry." (Washington, DC )

"I...stumbled onto your site two days ago. I am already in love with it 
and would not like to miss even a day." (Pastor in Ghana)

"Excellent curriculum. Really, really good stuff!"

"I would like to commend the work and ministry of your website. You are providing a wealth of resources which are like gold mines for the veteran youth workers like myself, as well as for any youth workers in need of good youth related materials. Thanks for your work and partnership." (Pastor in Thailand)

"We have a bus ministry of children from poverty stricken areas. We've been 
driving the van for 2 years and have grown very close to them. I've subscribed
to your lessons and they have been awesome in teaching these young
people." (United Methodist Church )

"The material is so good. Thank you so much for sharing how God has gifted you with the rest of us." (Missouri, teacher of a college Sunday School class.)

"We used the sample "active lesson" -- the lesson on purity from Daniel -- with our group Sunday night and it was GREAT. The kids were very enthusiastic and really got to dig deep into Scripture, and it all tied together so nicely. The lesson was very well planned and thought out. You're the best resource I've found in three years of leading a small, dynamic youth group."

"I can't tell you how much I love your lessons. They are just what teenagers need today." (Youth leader from the Bahamas)

"Finding your site is a blessing for me! I feel it is the best one I have read and it is so God."

"Just wanted to say thanks for all the great resources your web site provides. Keep up the great work! Great Job!!!" (Pastor in San Jose, CA)

"AWESOME. May God prosper your ministry many fold. I am learning so much from the site. The cost has been returned 100x , because the teachings are impacting the lives (visibly) of the youth I under-shepherd. The new DEVOTIONS are PHAT and Off The Meter ! (YEA I'M GHETTO). KEEP ON WITH THE INSPIRATION FROM GOD'S SPIRIT."  Thanx ,u r in our prayers. (Assembly of God Minister)

"The Legacy (Devotions) stuff is FANTASTIC. I read through about 15 pages captivated. I really think you're on to something GREAT. And from the perspective of youth work, if kids are getting good stuff like this at home, how much easier and more effective is our job!!!"  (Youth Ministry Trainer in Mexico)

"Thank you, my students are loving the study on Grace. It is blowing their minds and making them think." (Student leader in a Baptist Church in Kentucky)


"Hi there! My name is Chris Cliff, thanks for your news letter - it ROCKS." (From Canada)

"Thank you for your website, it is like a tall drink of cool water on a hot dry day." (Youth Leader in Rural New Mexico)

"We are soooo blessed to have happened across your site. Thank you for 
all you are doing. Always and only for the furtherance of His kingdom and to His glory! We love and use your site a lot, it is a real blessing to us. I have been meaning to get back to you about the free scholarship. That is such a cool thing to do! Already I have used the resources on a youth camp I spoke at and God spoke through the material" :)

"Bless you guys in all you do and thanks." (Youth Leader in Australia)

"I used a couple of your illustrations last night at our Thanksgiving semi-formal... and they really hit home!"

"Been in youth min for 6 years and have surfed my share of youth sites... gotta give it to God for you guys though... this email contained really great stuff... keep it up! I'm really thankful for you!"

"Enclosed is a modest contribution to your ministry. We have been using your
legacy lessons for the past 9 months and expect to continue to do so this
coming year. Our Youth Sunday School has grown from 12 to 35 in the past
year and we suspect your material had some part to play in that." (Missouri, Youth Sunday School Leaders)

"I have been looking for you for 2 years! As a Youth Pastor I have spent countless hours on the internet looking for information that I could use for study purposes that is relevant to my youth group. I could not believe it when I found your site. I have struggled for months now to put together lessons that I felt the youth group could really relate to and now I found you! The information you have is so very relevant to the youth of today. I downloaded one of your messages, added my own information and flare to it and preached it last night and we had such an awesome move of God. I cannot thank you enough for the information and material you have to offer. I recommend this site to any Youth Minister struggling to find material to use on a weekly basis. May the Lord richly bless you for your dedication to the young people that sit in youth services across this country and the world every week hungry for something relevant to them and their lives. Thanks!"

"Thanks to your website, I am able to minister to a number of youth in our church. Now I'm able to do more that what I've been doing before, and I really give God the praise."

"Your website makes a difference to lives of Filipino youths! Thank you!" (Youth Minister in Philippines)

" What a feast to open up to this morning!!!! Can't wait to get home now after teaching so I can really delve in and browse through. Thanks again for your faithfulness in producing such a fantastic site for all of us involved with "Generation x!!!" They really respond."

"I looked into your site last week and was so thrilled to find so many great, sound biblically based resources and a really user friendly site. My youth group was really enthusiastic about the Bible Studies on Relationships and as the leaders of our churches of tomorrow.....it was great to share with them in a format they could enjoy.....learning deeper truths to fit them for the role."  (Somewhere in the Gulf)

" We are working in three Districts on the Cape Flats. I have discovered the Website and was I thrilled! In the past two weeks that I have down loaded basically everything." (Youth Leader in Cape Town, South Africa)


"I am involved in running a programme in a local school here in Tasmania, and I was able to get lots of relevant info on alcohol use, drug use, and other choices that are facing the girls at this time."

" You do a remarkable job on this web site. I thank the Lord for the fact that I found it. What a wealth of information. Thank you for all you do and keep up the great work."

"Although I have taught RE in the past and still teach Sunday School at our church, this Youth Group is a step into the unknown for me. But, praise God for you........!" (Mansfield, Vic. Australia)

"Thanks for the free scholarship! I find all the resource material immensely useful! I takes Bible studies for the youth in the EU (Evangelical Union) campuses (part of the IVCF ministry) here in Bangalore, India. This weekend, I used some of your material and it was wonderful! The youth loved it. Thanks for your support in the ministry! God bless!" (Software Engineer and InterVarsity Leader)

"I stumbled upon your website while putting together a training manual for our worship ministry. I found your articles to be very well written, thought out and practical." (Pastor, Chinese Christian Church of Ottawa)

"I would firstly like to thank you for an excellent website. I have been in youth ministry for 15 years and I was blown away the first time I came across your site and the wealth of resources available. I find it to be quiet excellent in the content you have, especially the variety and the sources. You are doing a great job. Here in South Africa we don't get too much in the way of youth resources so it is always a pleasure going onto your site to source information. I have recommended and will continue to recommend your site to my contemporaries. Keep up the good work."

"Thank you for putting together a list of quotes from our founding fathers about their Christian foundations and faith! I appreciate the information very much. I applaud you in your efforts to teach, train and provide fresh resources for students and students pastors, like myself. God Bless you and your awesome ministry!" (UMC, Florida)

"WOW! This is absolutely amazing! Thanks for making my Day!"

"I am the department superintendent for a small church with a very limited budget. I also teach the youth class, which you know is the age group that can be very hard to reach. I had been surfing the web looking for small study group material to help reach this group. I came across your ministry and on Friday, downloaded study on Daniel. The object lessons, illustrations, and life application stories were great! I kept their attention and was able to keep them involved. I am so excited."

"Can I say your illustrations are really good and relevant? It's a long time, if ever, since I have come across a site as good as yours. Do keep up the good work." (Pastor from Northern Ireland)

" Thanks for the newsletter. It was a very interesting read. Thanks for the taking the time to investigate all this stuff and put it together for all of us. I found it quite helpful and also challenging. I like your style - you're very clear and honest. And thanks for putting yourself through the torture of reading Marilyn Manson's book. I know it would be a difficult read but I appreciate the insights you gave us from it. They're useful to us to think about and also to share with some kids I know who are into his music." (Ukraine)

"I had a training session today with two of our youth leaders and they were super excited to learn about the availability of these type of resources. Both of them live in very remote, rural villages and are trying to help establish youth programs in several churches near their homes. Next month we are holding a province wide youth rally and they were super excited to get some ideas about planning their lessons from the "Lesson Plans" section."

"We look forward to using your website in further training and next month will probably spend some time surfing the site with these guys so they can choose what they need, rather than me choosing what I think they need!" (Youth Worker Trainer in Kenya)

"I just got done reading your article on "teaching kids to defend their faith" and I have to tell you that it's one of the best articles on faith that I've ever read. I'm seriously considering handing a copy of this article to just about as many young and old people that I can find. This outline, by the way, is definitely not just for teenagers. It's not often (or ever for that matter) that I write a note like this, but it has been so helpful to see these thoughts in writing and so encouraging to hear about a young person who is LIVING out their faith rather than just wearing the t-shirt." (A youth ministry coordinator for The Salvation Army)

"I am a journeyman with the International Mission Board and will be serving as computer support and youth worker for two years in Lusaka, Zambia. I found your site to be one of the most useful sites I've come across in my search for usable materials...."

"Over the past 2-3 or three years I have been using sources found on the Internet that allow me the freedom to ILLUSTRATE daily devotionals that I write for inspiration as well to illustrate Biblical points that I might be highlighting for that particular day. Steve Miller has ASSEMBLED a gigantic resource of ILLUSTRATIONS that is very easy to ACCESS! The ILLUSTRATIONS are:

  1. Categorized for easy referencing
  2. Short but thorough
  3. Often footnoted
  4. Extremely helpful for YOUTH ministry, yet all phases too
  5. Entertaining at times, yet engaging
  6. Helpful in bringing out a Biblical passage to relevancy"

"The web site is one that if you are involved in ministry, especially YOUTH and Teaching and Parenting...I consider it a MUST...in fact I would say It is the best site available via the Internet that is very affordable and the rewards, measure far greater than the minimal expense! Steve Miller is dedicated to producing a SITE that is FIVE STAR in every way...Every aspect of the site...is extremely helpful! Anyone involved in ministry, especially YOUTH MINISTRY...this is the "GO TO PLACE". (20 year veteran in Youth Ministry)

"Thanks so much for sharing Russ Butcher's NorthStar Student Ministry G.P.A Overview in your email and on the website. Russ' practical outline helps me as well to implement more effectively and
communicate more clearly. Thanks for all you do!"  (Baptist Church Leader in Rhode Island)

"I recently subscribed to the legacy lesson plans and wanted to let you know how much my wife and I appreciate the quality of the content and how well our youth Sunday School classes have received it. Finally, after countless hours of searching for real, substantive and relevant lessons we found you guys." (Youth Sunday School Leaders, Missouri)

"God Bless You. I have recently registered for your youth teaching resources and I have to say that I love it. The youth at my church are responding to your lessons with enthusiasm and interest."

"This is the first time that the headmaster has allowed a Bible study to be held during school. I'm looking for easy to use Bible studies with simple language. I found your website easy to use and well organized! Thanks so much." (Leader of a Bible Study at an International School in Japan)

"First of all, thank you! Thank you for helping so many youth ministries around the world, you make the difference to our ministry. Some weeks ago I received one update e-mail, and then I visited your site to know more about the new legacy plans that where available on-line, so I´ve downloaded some of them. So, I´d like to ask your permission to translate…" (Youth leader in Brazil)

"We are almost ready to release a completely new website. More and more youth leaders around Romania are using the Internet, so we reoriented to this kind of resource. The traditional post office system works very badly (if it works), so this is a more rapid, safe and effective way of investing in the Romanian youth leaders.  I have now more than 100 studies translated, both from you and from the Ukraine Reach Out team." (Brasov, Romania)

"I am a missionary in Bolivia and working with families and youth. I used one of your lessons last night with my junior high group and got a great response. I am always in need of new ideas for them and I found the materials really fresh and easy to adapt!! Thank you!"

"I recently joined the team of youth workers at our church in Strasbourg, France. (We are three now, for approximately 15 teenagers, aged 12 to 17). Having started recently, I'm very interested in any ideas, teaching material, games, networking etc. I have found your site most stimulating and interesting, and I'm really excited about your offer of a free subscription - thank you very very much. I will definitely let my colleagues know. May God bless you in return for your investment in our youth! God is so good!" (Strasbourg, France)